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Team Halfords BTCC Honda Civic

We have an enviable reputation in manufacturing composite parts of the highest quality for most formula of racing and treat all with the same commitment. We thrive on what some say are impossible projects and deadlines, the more complex the part the more interesting, leave it with us and we will solve your problem. From receipt of CAD data we can design and produce CNC machined patterns, manufacture mould tools and supply finished assembly of components in just days. Motorsport Gallery


Flight Cases

As with a lot of projects we are often asked to produce components to a given thickness and within set weight parameters. In the commercial sector, clients often rely on our knowledge to manufacture parts that designers have drawn but are unsure how to produce a component in composite with the necessary strength and weight while remaining within budget.

As global concerns over environmental issues increase the practical approach to improve efficiency in most areas of motion is in weight reduction, composites currently being the ideal medium. Many forms of transport now benefit from the use of lightweight composite materials.


We are frequently given CAD file models to generate optimum tooling design from which our customers can produce components. The design element of the tooling is critical to the manufacture and release of large volume production components, whilst preventing excessive surface deterioration; masters are often produced as a way of proofing tool design and ease of manufacture. We manufacture tooling for the Aerospace industry and once approvals have been gained we plan to manufacture components.


We have designed and produced product that has been used in the mapping of seabeds around the world enabling environmental surveys to be carried out, seeing the birth of new footage captured on camera. The project was completed working with key personnel in the marine industry to achieve a lightweight watertight vessel that would take extreme pressure and impact without damaging costly electronic equipment, these key issues made composites the perfect material for the project.

Ancillary Products

Cured Flat Sheet, Carbon, Glass, and Kevlar.
Cured Sandwich Panels, Honeycomb, Foam and Ply. (Any of the above materials)
Carbon Tube.
Dimensions on application.