Motorsport case study

Utilising the decades of motorsports experience from Formula 1, Le Mans sports cars, Indy to multiple different formula racing cars, ACE Technology was contracted to composite engineer a complete LMP sports racing car. Working closely with the client's technical director, engineers and aerodynamicists allowed final geometry to be established for aerodynamic gains but with consideration to optimise geometry for composite materials in realising stringent mass targets, crash testing requirements and manufacturing lead times. This close working relationship allowed aerodynamic development to continue longer into the programme by ACE Technology project managing the tooling / part strategy into the overall timing plan.

ACE Technology engineered all composite parts including chassis and structural components in accomplishing the stringent FIA crash regulations whilst over achieving the very aggressive mass targets. This allowed our clients to run significant ballast at desirable low centre of gravity locations giving a competitive advantage. Successfully achieving all performance criteria and passing the crash test first time significantly reduced costs while giving engineers more track time to optimise car and driver set-up safely. This case study is one of many racing car projects undertaken by ACE Technology over the years as we look forward to achieving even more success on the racing track.

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