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ACE capabilities

Engineering capabilitiesEngineering

We are managed and staffed by highly experienced engineering staff who can assist at all levels of the engineering process.

Pattern and mould capabilitiesPattern and Mould Design and Manufacture

ACE has decades of experience in composite tool design and manufacture. Whether the requirement is metallic or composite, ACE has the in-house capability for all types of tooling and process requirements.

Jig and fixture capabilitiesJig and Fixture Design and Manufacture

In-house design and manufacture for all types of jig and fixtures.

3D printing capabilities3D Printing

Markforged MK2 3D printer in-house capability

Carbon and rohocell capabilitiesCarbon and Rohocell Machining

3 and 5 Axis in-house machining capability for cured carbon and all varieties of core types.

Kit cutting capabilitiesAutomated kit Cutting

CNC controlled material cutting.

Pre-preg laminating capabilitiesPre-Preg Laminating

Clean room controlled laminating protocols for tooling and component parts.

Autoclave capabilitiesAutoclave Processing

4 full size Autoclaves.

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ACE facilities

  • HAAS TM-3P CNC 3/4 axis vertical machining centre X=1016, Y=508, Z=406mm
  • HAAS VM-6 CNC 3/4 axis vertical machining centre X=1626, Y=813, Z=762mm
  • 1.3m x 2.5m Precision CNC Machine (router)
  • Belotti FLU 2617 CNC 5-axis machining centre X=2600, Y=1700, Z=1300mm, C= +/-270oC, A=+/-120oC (fully extracted)
  • Solidworks/OneCNC/Autodesk - CAD/CAM
  • Clean Room 1 - 2,200 ft2 (climate controlled)
  • Clean Room 2 - 750 ft2 (climate controlled)
  • Clean Room 3 - 1,500 ft2 (climate controlled)
  • Autoclave 1 - 1.3m x 3.5m 200oC 100psi
  • Autoclave 2 - 1.0m x 3.0m 200oC 100psi
  • Autoclave 3 - 1.1m x 1.5m 180oC 100psi
  • Autoclave 4 - 2.5m x 4.0m 250oC 145psi
  • Autoclave 5 - 1.5m x 3.0m 250oC 145ps
  • Surface table - 2 off
  • Fully equipped Inspection room ISO9001: 2015
  • 8ft Faro Arm - to be replaced (Dec 2017) with MetraSCAN750 & HandyProbe Next
  • 750 ft2 Kit Cutting room 1 - Exact machine & digitiser
  • 1,000 ft2 State of art - Kit Cutting Room 2 (climate controlled) IECHO
  • 3D printer (Onyx/Fibreglass/Kevlar/Carbon printing capability)

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